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Welcome to Jagged Little Pixel!

Learn about our story and the reason behind our shop.

Black Market Heart graphic
Jagged Little Pixel is built around a simple idea; to craft dark, brazen, and evocative graphic designs, and make them easy to obtain and fun to wear! 

A few years ago I created a handful of T-shirts and pins to pass around at an "Anti-Valentines Day" party. l lived in Austin, Texas, at the time and a local band was called I love You but I've Chosen Darkness. For the party swag I twisted their name and created a graphic around the idea of "I can't love you, because I sold my heart on the Black Market." It featured an image of Cupid impaled on a pitchfork over a Black much for the traditional Valentine's aesthetic! 

There were a few variations and they were a huge success! Everyone wanted to wear one, but I had only made a few samples of each and there weren't enough to go around. Sad faces looked back at me! That made me think people would want to buy my graphic designs, but it didn't seem profitable to make and market them at the time.
Recently I discovered print on demand and realized that I could finally make and sell my cheeky little graphic designs! Now Jagged Little Pixel is a small team building a print on demand shop based in Seattle, Washington, and we use Printful for all our fulfillment needs. Jagged Little Pixel creates all of the graphic designs to market here on our little online shop and Printful prints them to order and ships them out to your eager little hands!
Fragile Like a Bomb
Why Jagged Little Pixel? Our name came about while brainstorming. We thought about simply calling our shop Black Market Hearts, but that seemed too limiting as we had so many more ideas over the ensuing years since that Anti-Valentine's Day party. Our ideas seemed, witty and cheeky and a little dark, some might say "jagged." Someone had even likened our sarcastic wit to "A jagged little pill that is difficult to swallow." I guess they might have been an Alanis Morissette fan that didn't appreciate our sense of humour? Well jagged little pill is already taken, gee thanks Alanis, but our graphics are made from pixels, not pills, so we just had the one word to switch, and Jagged Little Pixel was born!

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