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We are live!

August 5, 2019
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Thanks so much for visiting and checking out our little corner of the web, you are truly lovely! Thanks once more for taking the time to find out more about us! We are based in Seattle, Washington, and have a lot of cheeky, dark, witty and edgy designs to throw at y'all. If you have a dry sense of humor, a sarcastic wit, or just a dark world view, then we hope you will find something here.

We didn't want to throw out too much in the beginning, so our initial collection is featuring Summer items, like T-shirts and Tank Tops, but we will roll out some Hoodies and Hats in our Autumn collection, so be sure to check back then if you don't find anything suitable now! There are also accessories available, like iPhone cases, Tote bags, and coffee mugs. Are coffee mugs really an accessory? In Seattle they are! Android cases and other items are planned as the shop grows bigger.

We welcome feedback as we are just starting out, and if you want to participate, be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter subscription! It's only once a month, so we won't be hammering your inbox with lots of things that you aren't interested in, but we will let you know about monthly deals, new items and special codes!

As always, we like to see friendly and like minded faces return, so stop by whenever you like, whether you join our list or not.

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