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Will you be my anti-Valentine?

January 27, 2020

Who Needs a Relationship Anyway?

Are you just not in the mood for Valentine's Day? Is it too commercial, or the romance just isn't there this year? Does the pressure of February 14th make you feel extra? Is Valentine's Day just the lamest day of the year? Well, you can join us in being anti-Valentines! Self assured single people do not have to be in a relationship to celebrate life!

Just a tourist in my heart.

Oh course, you don't have to be single to be self assured. Maybe you're in a relationship and just cynical of the commercialized vibe of a holiday celebrating romance? Or you despise the pressure of having to have a "special someone" to celebrate with, even though you do? Don't worry, you can join us too!

Anti-Valentine's is more our style - dark, sarcastic, and a little bit jagged around the edges. All that lovey-dovey stuff can be a little over the top sometimes. Instead of obnoxious PDAs on February 14th, opt for a little dark humor with one of our Black Market Hearts shirts or hoodies sporting Cupid on a pitchfork. After all, Cupid is Stupid.

If you aren't looking for romance or just got out of a relationship, remind them of their status by wearing our Just a Tourist in My Heart shirt. They were just passing through. Not the One. You showed them the door before they had a chance to unpack!

Are you going to, or hosting, an Anti-Valentine's party? Just be sure to order soon, because the hated day, February 14th, is just around the corner and our fulfillment center takes 7-8 days to process and ship your order. Don't worry though, these shirts and hoodies aren't just one trick ponies only suitable for mocking Valentine's Day, you can sport them year 'round as long as your feeling feisty!

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